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Fashion Trends And Matching Sets: Clothing Will Be Designed To Sell With Matching Masks

Not that there is anything wrong with it, but ever since the coronavirus has hit the business industry, all kinds of factories and workplaces have shut down, with all sectors trying to shift their ways in order to stay relevant and keep their finances intact. Whether it is to stay in the highlight or to make sure their employees are paid, the fashion industry, too, has started pivoting its way to making masks. However, this works best for both the customers as well as the brands. As face masks are becoming essential in everyone’s wardrobe these days, people are getting bored of the same plain fabrics and designs. Having a creative and fun, fashionable mask not only motivates them to wear it but also keeps them upbeat. And with new trends like matching masks emerging, the options are about to get pretty extensive.

New Possibilities With Face Mask Design 

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Noticing that the public is craving uniqueness and diversity in their face masks, designers have put their creativity to good use. Many fashion brands have started experimenting with different designs, patterns, and colors to create face coverings that not only protect their customers from the virus and other pollutants but also look good. They are creating different, innovative ideas to match their customer’s personal preferences for aesthetics. 

Laces, pearls, chunky accessories added to the face masks have started a new trend emerging from unique thought processes and creative work. 

Currently, there are hundreds of different kinds of face masks available on the market for all types of fashion enthusiasts. Chic, funky, simple, extravagant, affordable, and brand-labeled, there is something for everyone. 

While these may not be as effective as medical masks, many of them have slots and pockets that enable you to fill them with a separate filter of your choice. If you are going somewhere that has a higher risk of getting you infected, you can add a filter and multiply the protection level of the mask by several folds. When the risk is minimal, you can simply cover your face with these pretty-looking masks and be on your way.

The Power Of Sets 

Matching face masks with stripes
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One of the oldest fashion trends has now made its way into mask-making as well. Matching handbags, shoes, jewelry, scarves, and whatnot, have been a crowd favorite since the early years of fashion and design. Having a cohesive and collaborative outfit can almost never go wrong. Similarly, fashion brands have started creating matching face masks with their outfits, and clients love this idea. 

Whether it is a dress, a jumpsuit or professional attire, you can now pair it up with matching face masks that put your entire outfit together. 

Matching Your Face Masks With Your Outfit 

Woman wearing a blue matching face mask
Photo by Bára Buri on Unsplash

Considering how positive the response has been towards this particular concept, it is probable that it will continue. Even after the pandemic is hopefully over soon. Even before the coronavirus hit us, face masks were becoming a growing trend. People in many countries around the world had started to wear masks because of the continuously increasing pollution. Wearing face-coverings had become a general safety measure for everyone. Similarly, even after the crisis is over, face masks might still stay in trend, possibly even more than before. If this happens, matching sets of outfits and matching masks will definitely be a hit.