Blue face mask

Favorite Blue Face Masks

Ever since the pandemic started, people everywhere have resorted to using their creativity to make things a little more positive around them. Designers and fashion enthusiasts have been doing this by being innovative with protective garments like face masks. They’re experimenting with different colors, fabrics, and patterns. Here are our top picks of blue face masks that are absolutely gorgeous to wear and look at.

Blue Vintage Face Mask With Dragon Flies Pattern 

Blue Face Mask
Photo by Zazzle

An elegant design paired with a fresh, calming color palette, this mask will make you believe that everything is going to be alright! The design is soothing to look at and covers the face properly. This vintage blue mask also has a hollow opening inside that allows you to insert a disposable mask between the layers of fabric. This hack provides extra safety to increase the effectiveness of the mask. You can think of it as a surgical mask-cover. 

Minimal Blue Linen Face Mask

Blue ace mask
Photo by Magic Linen on Etsy

From Lithuania, this one is a unisex, fabric mask that offers maximum protection while maintaining the overall aesthetics of your outfit intact. A plain, chic design formed by layering two pieces of 100% linen, this mask is hypoallergenic and promises to be comfortable and breathable. The mask also has elastic ear bands that make sure that the cover fits you properly and stays on all day. Not only is this mask beautiful, but also the profit from its sales goes to donation to help those in need during this tough time.

Aloha Print Blue Hibiscus Hawaii Face Mask 

Blue Mask
Photo by Gnaatalie on Etsy

For those who are looking for a little pop of color and fun design to cheer themselves up as well the people around them, this mask is perfect! It is made out of cotton and has elastic bands that ensure a proper and long-lasting fit. The mask features a triple layer of cotton fabric, so it is undoubtedly effective. Moreover, the artistic beautiful white plumeria on a bright, dark blue background adds to the overall visual appeal of the mask. The mask is originally from the United States, but the whole vibe of the mask is Hawaiian and tropical. 

Blue Medallion Fabric Face Mask 

Face mask
Photo by WeB3Creations on Etsy

This particular face mask is made out of double-layered cotton fabric. It has an opening that allows you to add an extra disposable face mask in between the layers, thereby maximizing the safety against the virus. These hand-made face masks feature a beautiful white pattern set against a bright blue backdrop. They look elegant and fun and are super comfortable to wear.

Baby Blue Polka Dot Face Mask

This is another adorable face mask that has a slot in between the layers of fabric to add extra protection. You can add more materials of your choice. You can even stuff a disposable face mask into this space to multiply its effectiveness by several folds. The baby blue background and white polka dots combine to make a design that is pleasing to the eyes. The comfort of the fabric is the cherry on top. If you’re working on a DIY face mask yourself, be sure to use the right fabric. Check out some DIY facemask ideas here.