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Brand Hacks: Designers Making Masks From Couture Products

Even though face masks are currently a safety-requirement more than a wardrobe essential, fashion enthusiasts are putting their creativity to good use by being innovative with this clothing item. Designers are mixing up and experimenting with different fabrics, designs, and colors to turn an ordinary yet necessary couture face mask into a fashion statement, without compromising on its effectiveness against disease.

While this is happening all around the world, certain brands are indeed in front of the line. Down below are 4 designer brands that are creating some of the best-looking, good-quality face masks for their consumers. 

Couture Face Mask By Voravaj Bangkok 

Face Mask
Photo by Voravaj Bangkok on Instagram

The Designer Voravaj states that he had started working on face mask fashion a while before the outbreak of COVID19. The current scenario of air pollution in Bangkok had already forced a portion of its population to turn to face masks. 

 He reveals that he had taken inspiration from a woman wearing a beautiful dress paired with a surgical mask.

 If you look at the brand’s Instagram profile, you will find a variety of chunky, statement, bold as well as delicately-made face masks. It takes about 30 to 80 hours to create these masks, and each one has a unique style. Regardless of the style you pick, these face masks are a good investment overall. 

Azadeh Riaz 

Woman wearing couture face mask
Photo by Azadeh Couture on Instagram

 Like many others in the industry, Designer Azadeh is putting her talent to good use by finding creative ways to make face masks for people who need it. The owner of the brand Azadeh Couture herself announced that her company would be making face masks in large bulks and would be distributing them around hospitals and clinics. 

These face masks are reusable and made out of breathable cotton and fabric. Furthermore, each mask has three layers of non-woven fabric to ensure adequate protection, while the consumer can still breathe properly. 

Leighton W. Couture 

Photo by Leighton W. Couture on Instagram

Another designer brand playing its role in the fight against the pandemic is Willington’s, Leighton Couture. The brand is not only making affordable and easily accessible face masks for its consumers, but it is also promising to give one to a medical professional for each mask that they sell.

Moreover, they are selling masks for $15 to $20 and also have a selected, limited-edition face mask category being sold for $35 each. This particular mask features an exclusive design with classic blue and gold color combination inspired by Japanese Kintsugi pottery. According to Leighton, the masks are tri-layered and made of comfortable, organic cotton fabric without any artificial dyes. 

Blond Melrose Couture Face Mask

Woman wearing face mask
Photo by Blond Website

Interestingly, Blond is creating couture face masks using different patterns and colors, and logos of various designer brands. They have a collection of beautiful and creative face masks on their website ranging from Louis Vuitton to snake-skin to pink, leather masks. They make one-size-fits-all face masks. Overall, the face masks are not only fancy but also super comfortable. Blond is one of the many designer brands that is putting its innovative ideas to good use. And they’re doing it while encouraging their customers to stay protected.