Black dress

Masks For Your Little Black Dress

As weird as it seemed in the beginning, in the current situation, face masks have become the new norm. And when something becomes a part of your day-to-day life, you might as well make them look good, right? People around the world have been experimenting with face masks, trying out different colors, different designs, and even different materials. There are quite a lot of impressive ideas to make face masks fun and fashionable.

Fabric Face Masks

In these times, when the world is moved by the pandemic that we know as Convid-19, demand for face masks has gone sky-high. So much, that there has been an actual shortage of face masks in some parts of the world. In such a situation, people have been trying to make their own face masks at home by using different fabrics. Now, if you are working in the healthcare industry, you might have to wear face masks that fit a specific criterion. However, people who are not a part of this industry can wear cloth or fabric-based face masks to protect themselves as much as they can. This allows them to experiment with fabrics and colors and make something that not only protects them but also looks good on them.

Facemasks For Your Little Black Dress – Experimenting With Color

Black dresses have been in fashion for so long and remain a classic wardrobe piece. So, today we will take a look at three different kinds of creative facemasks that you can wear, which will not only compliment your little black dress but also make it instantly stand out.

A Simple Yet Chic Face Mask

Woman wearing colored face mask
Photo by Vera Davidova on Unsplash

You can wear a face mask of similar material and a contrasting color to compliment your LBD. Red, maroon, and fuchsia colors are often paired with black dresses, and they bring an instant pop of color to your outfit without stealing the attention from your dress. Just make sure that the fabric is similar to that of your clothing because a mismatched material quickly diverts the attention and looks odd. 

Crystal Covered Face Masks By Designer Samia Al-Zekleh

Crystal Face Mask
Photo by Muhammad Hamed

These will add a quick “bling” to your outfit. Not as casual and subtle as one would think, but if it seems appropriate to the occasion, you can pull this one off very easily. You can choose what kind of crystals you want on your mask and how many of them you want. You can even get a matching mobile cover with similar crystals and colors on it to compliment your overall look.

A Fancy Handkerchief

Woman wearing a mask
Photo by Engin Akyurt on Unsplash

You can use a fancy handkerchief with laces, borders, and designs on it. Fold it and create your DIY face mask to go with your LBD. It could be of a contrasting color or the same as your little black dress, and you can add laces and beads to it if you want. Just make sure that the material is breathable but thick enough to protect you against the virus. This one is the easiest way possible to look chic and stay protected at the same time.