Designer Face Mask

Designer Face Masks From Elite Brands

When there was a shortage of masks at the start of the pandemic, designers, artists and fashion brands across the world joined forces to design, produce and distribute face masks to help frontline workers. Fast forward a year and they’re still doing that, but also catering to a different kind of audience as well, i.e. people like you and me. Face masks have become a necessary commodity that everyone around the globe is willing to pay for. So, it makes sense for fashion brands to include the production of face masks as a necessary part of their businesses. Several designer face masks from elite brands have popped up over the course of the year with unique designs, styles, and colors to appeal to the audience. Let’s take a look at a few of these.

Designer Face Masks From Akris

Akris is selling beautifully simple face masks starting at $100. The masks come in four different colors. Each mask is made out of highly breathable pure Swiss cotton fabric that is washable.  Akris also donates 50% of the proceeds to the Children’s Defense Fund.


Designer Face Masks
Photo via xSuit

xSuit has put out some really unique and innovative mask designs recently. Their xMask pro offering is probably one of the most popular with celebrities such as Tom Cruise proudly sporting their face masks. They have a wide range of face masks listed on their website for both men and women. Some face masks also feature things like 3D printed wings and flowers, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Micheal Ngo

Photo via Micheal Ngo

Micheal Ngo designs luxurious face masks which are hugely popular amongst the celebrities. These designer face masks range from anywhere between $100 to $500. Micheal Ngo donates 100% of the proceeds to LA Foodbank. Note that these face masks are made to order.

Designer Face Masks From Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton Designer Face Masks
Photo via Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton has also been designing face masks. Currently, their knit face mask is listed as a popular item on their website. The mask features the signature Louis Vuitton pattern that you’d find on most of their products.

Phillip Lim Designer Face Masks

Phillip Lim is offering simple yet elegantly designed face masks that are chemical-free and made from 100% surgical grade Cotton Poplin. The masks are reusable. Moreover, Phillip Lim suggests that you wash the face mask before wearing them.

Collina Strada Designer Face Mask

Face Masks
Photo via Collina Strada

This brand is creating face masks from leftover fabric. The face mask designs by Collina Strada are very whimsical. The designer face masks come with bows and elaborate designs that cover the edges of the mask. These eccentric designs are eye-catching and can be used as a statement piece with the rest of your outfit.

There are several other designer face mask brands that are creating and producing some highly unique face masks. It’s not uncommon to find celebrities and popular public figures wearing these face masks. Most designer face masks are super easy to style regardless of the kind of outfit you’re wearing. Therefore, purchasing a designer face mask can be a rewarding experience because it offers comfort, safety, and style all in one.