10 Masks By Black Designers That Rock

Who knew masks would some day dominate the fashion landscape of the modern world? It is 2021 and facemasks are very important part in our lives. They are still an important article of our everyday clothing. They provide us with protection against the coronavirus and slow its spread. Designer facemasks are very trendy these days. Celebrities all over the world make sure that their facemask adds glamor to their look. Instagram stars these days show their sleek mask collections over the platform. They make sure their facemask complements their outfit of choice. If you’re looking for designer masks designed by black designers, here’s out top 10 list:

Studio 189

The mask is made from cotton fabric which is grown in Ghana. The facemask is washable and reusable. It comes in various designs which can go along with your preferences. The facemask is breathable and easy to use. The Studio 189 facemask comes with a filter that can be removed.

Melanin Papi

Marquis Hollis designs facemasks which have handmade embroidery and class. These facemasks speaks well with those who love style. Melanin Papi also offers accessories such as bags and headbands. These accessories can go along with your choice of facemask.

Shami Oshun Nude Facemask

Shami Oshun has a special nude facemask which is available for 11 different skin tones. These masks are handmade and have two layers of polyester and filter pockets.

SONSON Non Surgical Facemask

These non-surgical beauties come with adjustable nose grips. This can help you customize the wearing experience and adjust them on your nose. The designs also come with matching headbands.

Slashed By Tia

This elegant mask designed by Tia is best for standing in a public setting. If you have any events coming up in the near future, these facemasks have got your back!

Shon Simon Black Facemask

This facemask designed by the legendary Shon Simon is environmentally friendly. It is also washable and reusable. It covers all CDC recommendations. The facemask is super cheap and also adds a lot of beauty to whoever wants to pull off a black colored outfit.

Atira Lyons

The Atira Lyon facemasks are great for couples who want to show off their glamour at parties. The facemasks can also be ordered in pairs and in complementing colors.

Samaria Leah

Facemasks designed by Samaraia Leah are great for both casual and professional vogue. The facemasks come in different color schemes and offer protection as well as beauty.

Duckie Confetti

The Duckie Confetti facemasks are perfect for you if you want to look sporty and fun. The special thing about these facemasks is that they fit quite well to every face shape.

David Avido

One of the most famous African-American style brands: David Avido. They offer glorious facemasks made out of Ankara and normal cotton fabrics. The facemasks are also designed with other clothing items such as tops and sweaters. Mix them up and enjoy both comfort and style!


The Six20 facemasks are designed for both maximum comfort and protection. The Six20 facemasks look good if you wear them with both casual and professional outfits such as jeans and suits.

Style Up!

Stay tuned for more black designer masks. If you’re looking to purchase cool masks that go along with your style. If you’re looking to check out some sleek designer masks, check them out here.