Funny Masks

Funny Masks That Will Put A Smile On People’s Faces

Sure, the need to wear facemasks all the time now is anything but funny, but funny masks can help lighten the mood, if not make you laugh. The current governmental guidelines strictly require that you wear a mask in public with the exception of those who are under the age of three and those who have a genuine respiratory problem. As soon as facemasks became an absolute necessity, people started getting creative with how they designed and fashioned their masks.

In fact, several popular artists and designer brands jumped on the bandwagon and started creating facemasks that were trendy, chic, and elegant enough to make a fashion statement on their own. In this article, we’ve selected some of the funniest masks that we’ve seen across the internet, that are sure to get a laugh out of you. 

1. Baby Yoda Mask

Baby Yoda - Funny masks
Photo by PortsideProper via Etsy

Mandolorian fans unite, we have a baby Yoda mask that is not only adorable but also sophisticated in terms of its design. With an all-black fabric, the facemask features a white printed in-lay of baby Yoda and the words “Too Close You Are”, in Yoda’s unusual yet iconic reverse speech pattern. The force is definitely strong with this facemask, folks! Need we say more? 

2. Total Recall Arnold FaceMask

Total Recall Funny Face Mask
Photo by TheFoxAndPossum via Etsy

This one had us laughing too! The mask features Arnold’s face from the very popular sci-fi film from the 90s called Total Recall. The facemask features a very iconic screengrab from the film. It will easily fit over your mouth and rest comfortably, producing a very comical effect. 

3. Out Of Lipstick 

Face Mask

If you are looking for a more personalized mask, this ‘Out of Lipstick’ one might be a good option to go for. You can add a custom text to these face masks and basically write anything you want. The ‘Out of Lipstick’ text is a great way to add a bit of a fun element to your facemask and maybe even put a smile on someone’s face while out in public. 

4. If You’re Reading This, You’re Too Close!

Funny face masks
Photo by Grifil Zero via Amazon

Probably one of our favorites on this list, this facemask says it all. This facemask features a simple black fabric design with double stitching in yellow at the top. Moreover, it features simple text in white that reads, ‘if you’re reading this, you’re too close’. We think that perfectly sums up the sentiments a lot of us share when out in the public. 

5. Cat Peeking Through Wallpaper

Woman wearing a face mask
Photo by PaisleyMoonGifts via Etsy

Last on the list is this cute facemask that features the face of a kitten peeking through a white wallpaper-like foreground. The mask is washable and features two major materials including polyester and activated carbon. An instant attention-grabber, this mask is funny in an adorable way. You might have the most serious face behind the mask, but the kitten on the front will definitely put those who see you in a slightly happier mood. Overall, this mask puts a funny spin on the design without overdoing it in the slightest.