Man wearing flag as a face mask

Most Creative Mask Designs

Amidst the shortage of face masks in the market, apart from business people and designers, the general public has started thinking of innovative alternates to traditional face masks. Even though many of these may not be as practical as you would think, people are having their fun while staying quarantined. 

Chinese Man Resorts To Sanitary Pads 

Man wearing sanitary pad as face mask
Photo by Twitter

A few months ago, a Chinese man posted a picture of him wearing his wife’s sanitary pad as an alternative to a face mask. The photo attracted immediate worldwide attention and quickly started spreading on the internet. While many questioned his seriousness about the issue of the threatening pandemic, it brightened up the day for a massive portion of the population across the world. People had a fun moment on Twitter where they expressed their humor on the subject.

Face Hugger Mask 

Taking inspiration from the movie Alien, husband and wife in Germany decided to make their face-hugger masks. We have to give it to them though – they outdid themselves here with this very creative face mask. Even though the couple had inspired many people to create more of such “lifelike” face masks, some people think they look scarier than the virus itself. Anyhow, in the end, it is your choice whether you want to recreate the masterpieces or stay away from them. 

Water Jug Because Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures

While designers and face mask companies are trying to incorporate eco-friendly, less-waste material in their products, a street parking man in Indonesia went a little too far with the idea of reusable masks. Ali Akbar was seen fashioning a face shield out of a used water jug, and people have a lot to say. While some may say that the photo represents exactly how unavailable face masks are for the general public, the humorists on the internet have taken the opportunity to spread a good laugh. 

Rolling Up Your Girlfriend’s T-Shirt 

Man wearing a scarf over his face
Photo by Dev Asangbam on Unsplash

If you consider the purpose of a face mask, it serves to cover the face, right? For some creative minds, not having a traditional face mask does not restrict them. Instead, they find alternatives for face mask by using pretty much anything, such as their girlfriend’s t-shirt, rolled up and attached to rubber bands. A man in Cambridge, Massachusetts, has done precisely this, and we have to admit the idea is genius. However, we do still think he could have done a better job with the fitting. Maybe use a smaller size?

All Smiles By Ashley Lawrence 

With this face mask trend going on, it is true that you miss seeing the expressions of people. Smiling and waving as you cross them on the streets is no longer as easy as it used to be. Ashley Laurence has tried to fix that. However, this is not the only reason she created a face mask that has a window patch for the mouth. She intended to make these masks for deaf people so that they could read lips and understand what the other person is saying. As helpful as they are in their set purpose, they are also being of great help giving people on the internet something to smile about.