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Cities Where Wearing A Face Mask Is Now Required

While countries around the globe continue their struggle against the coronavirus pandemic and push towards flattening the curve, the number of patients continues to rise in the U.S. Because of this, governments are adding to the list of necessary precautions. New safety measures have been introduced for the general public as well as medical professionals and there are several cities where wearing a face mask is now mandatory.

Wearing A Face Mask No Longer Optional 

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Due to the deteriorating situation in the U.S, some states and cities have made face-covering compulsory. These include Maryland, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Texas, Hawaii, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.  

In these areas, face masks have been made compulsory, especially in places where social distancing cannot be practiced, for example, in public transport and grocery stores. All employees, the general public, and healthcare professionals are supposed to cover their faces when outside or around other people. Similarly, children over the age of 2 are also required to follow this precautionary measure in New York, while the age limit for this is 9 years in Maryland.

People are supposed to cover their faces with cloth, whether by home-made or surgical masks, bandanas or scarves. While the violation of this rule has not yet been fined in most places, like New York, for example, areas like Texas, Hawaii, and Pennsylvania have started fining and punishing rule-breakers. Anyone who does not wear a face mask in public is fined with $5000 and possibly 1 year of jail in Hawaii. This fine is $1000 in Laredo, Texas.

Where Do You Need To Wear A Face Mask? 

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The answer to this question is straightforward: anywhere where you might find yourself in the vicinity of a lot of people or places where exposure to the virus is highly likely. These places include public transportations, grocery stores, and hospitals, etc.

If you are going on a walk or a jog on an empty track with no people, it is safe to go without a mask. However, if there is the slightest chance that you may encounter another person, wearing a face-covering is mandatory.  

Similarly, unless another person accompanies you on a seat close to you, there is no need for you to wear a mask while sitting in your car.

Where Can I Buy Face Masks Online? 

Face Masks
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Several home-based businesses and brands are selling face masks on Etsy. These range from DIY to home-made to custom-made face masks for different prices as well as sizes. Designers and fashion brands have started manufacturing their face masks as well. Some of these brands include Reformation, Onzie, Los Angeles Apparel, and Casetify. Companies like Amazon and Walmart also have various options available. 

 You can get face masks in your preferred color, design, pattern, and size. You can get multi-layered face masks, pleated face masks or masks that have slots to insert a filter of your choice inside. Separate masks for kids are sold on some websites as well. 

Many of these brands are not only providing good-quality face masks to their customers but also contributing to help those in need, by donating face masks to medical professionals and profits to charities.