Face Mask Designs

Face Mask Designs Never Seen Before

Designer face masks are aesthetic, highly functional, and designed to complement your wardrobe while keeping you safe. The designs are impressive and the comfort they offer is appreciable. However, some extremely unusual face mask designs have come out over the past year. Designs that leave you both confused and in awe at the same time. And the fact that these designs don’t comprise on safety makes them even cooler. It’s just that these face mask designs are never before seen are eccentric to the point where they could easily pass as a prop on a sci-fi film set.

Let us show you what we’re talking about.

Face Mask That Really Looks Like An Oxygen Mask

Face Mask Design by Leaf
Photo via Leaf

Let’s get the basic out of the way, shall we? This mask is – yes you guessed it – transparent. But it’s also FDA approved which means that it’s designed to offer maximum protection without entirely hiding your face. Another cool thing about this mask features N100 HEPA filtration and a self UV-C sterilization. Moreover, the mask monitors air quality and controls ventilation, which ensures comfortable breathing. You can read more details and check out the mask on the Leaf company website.

Doesn’t Just Filter, It Kills!

Livinguard’s face mask is a technological marvel if anything. Unlike most face masks, this one doesn’t just filter, it kills 99.9% of SARS-CoV-2, which is the virus that causes COVID-19. Livinguard’s website states that the mask can be washed weekly and used up to 210 times. Ultimately, this makes these masks highly sustainable. So, instead of wearing 210 masks and then throwing them away, you can just use one effective mask over and over again without comprising on quality.

Mask And A Crown?

Face mask design
Image via Instagram

This one’s not tech-equipped, but we had to throw this one on the list. Fashion designer Kennedy Gasper’s face mask is unique in every sense of the word. It comes paired with a headdress. The inspiration for the face mask comes from the fashion of Thailand, as the designer himself states.

The VX Mask

This mask from Atlas Medical has a design that can be confusing at first. A mask that covers only the mouth and the nose? Well, the design is clever because it’s supposed to provide you with protection when you go for mandatory appointments – say a visit to the doctor, a hairdresser, etc. Moreover, the mask sticks quite well to your face and has a filter in between two hydrophobic, non-woven layers.

That’s the end of our list for now but we’re sure there are plenty of other crazy designs in the works that are equally as mind-blowing. Stay tuned to our blog cause we’ll be covering more of these in future posts. Meanwhile, check out our recent article on awesome face mask designs by Black Designers.