Universal Facemasks

Will Face Masks Become Universal?

Everyone is well aware of the importance of wearing a mask in public by now. Many countries have warranted wearing a mask when outdoors to stress this lifestyle. For added strictness, some governments are even fining people. Those who are not taking the necessary precautions. While it might seem harsh, it is very important to ensure maximum security. It’s the only way to stop the spread of disease. The rise of universal facemasks has become inevitable. Regardless of your social status, whether you’re rich or poor, wearing a face mask has become a mandatory requirement for all. There simply are no shortcuts.

Will Face Masks Become Universal?  

Woman wearing a face mask
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It’s become apparent that wearing masks lowers the spread of coronavirus. Ultimately, this could reduce the overall deaths resulting from the disease. It decreases the spread of the virus by trapping the germ particles. Apart from this, the mask also lowers hand-to-face contact and, thus, limits the spread of the disease. Therefore, the face coverings we now wear are likely to become universal in the long run.

However, as of March 26, WHO has stated that if you do not have any respiratory symptoms, you might not need to wear a medical mask. It was also said that if used alone, without need, masks can give you “a false feeling of protection” apart from being a source of infection if not used correctly. 

What The Evidence Suggests

Research carried out over the past several months has convinced experts that face masks are an efficient technique to reduce the spread of virus particles and contaminated water droplets coming from an infected person’s mouth. The laser light-scattering experiment is a popular method to find out whether this is true or not. The mechanism of this experiment is quite simple. A beam of laser illuminates and helps estimate the number of saliva-droplets that escape an individual’s mouth, while he is talking – both with and without a mask. The results of the study clearly show that a mask reduces the number of water droplets by a shockingly high degree. 

If 80% Of The People Started Wearing Masks

Public wearing face masks - universal face masks
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Several studies suggest that if 80% of the public wears a mask in public, the transmission of the coronavirus could be significantly reduced. Since purchasing and creating DIY versions of face masks is no longer a hassle, creating face masks is very practical and easily doable. Moreover, policymakers are continuously stressing the public to wear a mask when outdoors. And if more and more people started following these guidelines, facemasks will become universal sooner than we expect.

Final Thoughts On Universal Face Masks

Man wearing face mask - Universal Face Masks
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While the authorities have a responsibility to promote the use of face masks and make it a universal trend, a part of the duty lies on the shoulders of the public as well. Even though it’s understandable that wearing a mask all the time is a lifestyle choice that is hard to accept. Especially for people who have to stay out more often during the day. Nevertheless, we shouldn’t overlook the importance of universal face masks. And with the wide variety of these masks in the market right now, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be wearing one.