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How Not To Wear A Face Mask?

By now, you probably understand how important it is to wear a face mask in the current time. But have you given much thought on how to wear a mask? As simple as it may seem, there are some common mistakes that you might not even realize you’re making.

1. Don’t Leave Your Nose Uncovered 

The purpose of a face mask is to protect you from airborne microorganisms, dust, and allergens that attack your body by entering through the mucous membranes of your mouth and nose. While there’s no guarantee that you won’t be infected by wearing a face mask, it does offer an additional layer of protection that can be helpful. However, you need to make sure that you are covering your nose properly for the mask to be effective. If you do not cover your nose, you leave an important area of your face bare and open for harmful particles to go directly into your respiratory tract. Always remember to cover both your nose and your mouth when you wear a face cover.

2. Make Sure Your Chin Is Covered 

Wear A Face Mask
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Similarly, if your chin is exposed and uncovered, the mask will not fit properly and will slide off very frequently. This is something you need to avoid. Make sure the mask is covering your chin adequately and that it is not moving. Your jaw is also a potential area where microorganisms could latch on and spread to your mouth and nose, so make sure that you properly hide it under the cover.

3. Do Not Wear A Face Mask Loosely – Leave Some Gap 

Again, make sure that your mask fits you properly and covers your face from all sides. If it is loose and dangling, there is no point in wearing it. Harmful germs and bacteria in the air can easily slide through these gaps and enter your body. Choose a face mask, or make a customized one, according to your individual size, and do not compromise on the fitting. As for children, there are special masks in smaller sizes available in the market. Remember that the perfect size is that which is comfortable to wear and secure from all sides so that there are no gaps.

4. Do Not Let Your Mask Rest Under Your Chin

Face Masks
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Your face mask should be on your face and not on your neck. Make sure that you wear it correctly to cover your face and do not push it down underneath your chin to rest. This mistake is especially frowned upon because if your face mask touches any other part of your body that might be contaminated and then touches your face again, you can easily infect yourself without even realizing it.

5. Cover The Tip Of Your Nose Too 

Due to the shape of our nose, there are often large gaps in the face mask around the nasal area. Try to make these gaps as small as possible. Make sure that you cover the tip as well as the bridge of the nose. Another reason why you must do so is that if your mask hangs on the tip of your nose, it is very prone to sliding off at the slightest movement. Thus, make sure that your mask is covering your nose from top to bottom.