Up Your Styling Game With These Floral Face Masks

Summer isn’t entirely over yet! Floral prints are still very much in. Ever since Kate Madilton walked out with a floral face mask featuring a gorgeous London-inspired floral pattern, the demand for floral patterns in face masks has soared. While Kate Madilton was wearing that floral face mask from a London-based brand called Amaia, there are plenty of other affordable floral pattern face masks available online that you can use to style your outfit. We’ve compiled a list of our top 5 floral face masks available online for purchase. These masks are designed by popular clothing brands that are known for their quality and efficiency. You can open up a wide array of styling options for yourself with a floral face mask. Scroll down below to check out some options to get you started. 

Mango Floral Face Masks

Floral Face Masks by Mango
Photo by Mango

Mango is a house-hold name when it comes to quality clothing. Their website features several colorful floral face mask options for you to choose your favorite from. These are reusable homologated face masks. You can wash these masks up to 5 times and get the most use out of them before disposing them off. The floral print is fine and intricate in its detail – not too bold but definitely visible enough to be noticed. 

Harvey Nichols Floral Face Masks

Floral Face Masks
Photo by Harvey Nichols

This brand offers eco-friendly face masks that feature recycled silk and cotton as a part of its design. The floral pattern comes in several different colors and intricate details. The ear loops at the sides are strong enough to hold on to your face and offer a rather snug fit. 

Coach Floral Face Masks

Woman wearing floral face mask
Photo by Coach Floral

A beautiful nude design, this mask features 100% cotton and adjustable plastic ear loops. Moreover, it also features a filter pocket where you can add an additional layer of protection. A polypropylene filter is highly recommended. Additionally, these yellow floral face masks are also washable. Like most of these face masks, Coach does mention that these masks are not for medical or surgical use and are only designed for everyday use by people. 

Nordstorm Floral Masks

Nordstorm Floral Face Mask
Photo via Nordstorm

These maks come in different colors and floral patterns that you can choose from. While Nordstrom does not have a lot of diversity in terms of the design they offer, the quality of their product is appreciable. These face masks come with a woven exterior and a two-ply cotton design that is perfect against airborne particles. Moreover, the ear loop inside this mask makes it easy for you to wear and take the mask off. These ear loops are elastic and can be stretched based on the shape and size of your face. 

Selfridges Floral Face Mask

Floral Face Mask
Photo by Selfridges

Selfridge offers this very unique silk face covering that features an antique floral pattern that can be styled with almost any kind of color and outfit. The straps on this face mask are elastane in nature so you can stretch them to fit your face shape easily. Do note that the mask is 100% silk. If you want to make a fashion statement with the face mask you wear, this one is definitely worth the money.