Woman wearing a mask for her face shape

How To Pick The Best Mask Shape For Your Face

Are you concerned about the mask might not fit your face shape? We have a guide to help you choose. There are various types and designs of face masks that you can pick from.

Whatever you choose a surgical mask or a designer one, remember that your features and the shape of your face can play a huge role in how the mask ends up looking. The design of the masks might not suit every face shape and therefore keeping your facial structure in mind is important while deciding whether a facemask suits you or not. Continue reading this article if you want a guide to face masks and your particular face shape.

For Smaller Faces

Man wearing a mask for his face shape
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If you have a smaller face and thinner appearance, strongly-built masks can look as if they’re suffocate you. To get a lovely, but balanced look, try a subtle mask, such as a metal velvet mask. Experiment with lighter, more elegant designs.

For Faces Who Wear Glasses

Woman wearing glasses and a face mask
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If you wear glasses, there are many options for you too. These options include matching glasses with your face mask to bring out the overall design and color. Be sure to try out masks that are made of lighter tones, particularly if you’re heading out with shades.

For A Gothic Look

Man wearing a black face mask
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For a luxurious, gothic look, try delicate metal glass masks which might cost you more than your average cotton mask, but will provide you with a sensational end-result. Some designers are also experimenting with fabric and paint, making hyper-realistic designs on their masks. Find something that looks dark and scary and you’ll definitely be turning heads as you head out to grocery shop.

For A Bearded Face

Face mask for various face shapes
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If you have a mustache or beard, do not worry. If you notice that the color or style of a mask matches with your facial hair, go for it. Remember that your face masks will most likely cover all your facial hair because the correct way of wearing a facemask dictates that your nose is covered to the tip. Another great way to look put together is by making sure that your mask compliments your clothes. If you don’t have masks that match any of your clothes, you can always go for a DIY mask. In fact, making a DIY mask is a better alternative because you’ll have more control over how the mask covers your face. You can customize the mask to ensure that it is comfortable to wear with facial hair.

Masks For Square Chin Faces

Man wearing face mask for his face shape
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A strong facial structure is a superhero trick, so if you have it, don’t miss the opportunity to flaunt it. You can use a tighter fit to bring out your jawline. In fact, according to guidelines on how to properly wear a face mask, it is recommended that you wear a mask that sticks to your face closely, without leaving any gaps. You’re free to experiment with colors but be sure to focus more on the fitting and how the mask covers your chin. A little attention to the fitting of the mask can instantly make you look more put together and compliment your face structure in the process too.