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How Long Will We Have To Wear Personal Protective Gear?

One of the most common questions being asked by the frustrated public these days is, “How long is this going to last?”. People are losing their calm, worried about how long they will have to wear personal protective gear and today’s post is all about this particular concern.

Safely Heading Out Without A Mask Isn’t An Option Right Now.

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Even those living under a rock are now aware of the situation of the world. A deadly virus has spread across the globe. Most of the countries are under lockdown. Hospitals are getting busier day by day. The COVID-19 was unknown almost a year ago, and today it has doctors and researchers from around the globe worried. The situation keeps getting worse with each passing day and continues to show no signs of slowing down. So, heading out without any protective gear is not an option right now. The virus, as well all know, spreads through the respiratory tract and mucous membranes of our mouth and nose. Hence, a covering for both is crucial to avoid getting infected. Wearing personal protective gear should, therefore, be a priority for all.

Not Until Vaccines Come Out

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Although scientists and medical researchers are working day and night to find some vaccine to end, or at least contain the virus, so far, they have not given us the green signal. We have to let them do their jobs. We cannot help them with their research, but we can surely ease the situation for them a little by slowing the spread of the disease by staying indoors.

There’s No Set Date

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We have to understand that everyone is trying as hard as they can, but there is no specified date when this all will come to an end. All we can do is not panic and hope that all of this settles down soon. We know that officials are working very hard, and we ought to stay positive despite all the uncertainty surrounding our lives. The CDC has not given an exact guess of when the pandemic will be over, but it is safe to say that it is not going anywhere for several more months. 

Wear Personal Protective Gear Until We Achieve Herd Immunity

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We cannot be sure that we have reached safety levels unless we develop an effective herd immunity, but waiting for herd immunity to develop through the Corona Virus will alone result in a dramatic rise in the estimated death count of the virus. William Li (MD), a Physician-Scientist, says that on the basis of estimates, at least 70 percent of the population is required to be infected until herd immunity develops. Till then, millions of people could potentially die. This estimate is a huge number, and one of the reasons why scientists cannot afford prototypes or tests. William Li also said that as soon as a majority of the population has been given a powerful vaccine for the virus, herd immunity is expected to develop at a fast speed. And may after initial results, we’ll finally be able to ease down on the personal protective gear.

Always Prioritize Safety and Wear Personal Protective Gear

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Whatever news we get, and no matter how tired we are of staying at home all the time, we should always prioritize safety for ourselves and our families. A few months of precautionary measures are better than a lifetime of regret. Wear masks and other personal protective gear, and regularly wash your reusable protective clothing as well. Your masks and gloves can trap germs on the surface. Wearing dirty equipment can get you exposed to other diseases, if not the Coronavirus. So, remember to keep them clean at all times.