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Four Fashion Brands Now Making Facemasks

The year 2020 had been pretty intense for every country around the globe. In an effort to curb the CoronaVirus pandemic, citizens have been advised to wash their hands for at least 20 minutes and observe social distancing. In some countries, its even been made mandatory to wear facemasks in public. So its no surprise that several designers and brands are adding their own flare to facemasks. It’s Corona Couture with these designers.


With as little as $10 a piece, you can stay safe and stay in style with Matrushka. They offer premium 100% cotton facemasks that can be custom designed to match your outfit. New York fashion journalist, Sara Radin, describes it as a must have accessory. She not only got a face mask that matched her floral top, but one that also included a matching scrunchie. One of the best parts about these cotton accessories, is that they’re reusable after wash. Isn’t that neat? Another perk is that for each of these beautiful accessories made by hand from fabric scrap, in Los Angeles, another is created. These extras are then donated to hospital employees, park rangers and other essential workers, to help fight Corona virus. 

Naomi Nomi

Still looking for a way to contribute to society while keeping yourself and your family safe? Naomi Mishkin, owner of Naomi Nomi has also opened her factories to begin mass production of facemasks. By mass, we mean as much as 5000 orders as at 7th April, 2020. That means the exact same number has been donated to health workers on the frontline. Many other indie designers are following in Naomi’s footsteps, to do their part in fighting this pandemic. With $18, you could purchase your own cotton mask and ensure a health care worker gets one too. 

Maison Modulare

If you have a more fancy taste, and prehaps a couple more dollars to spare. Look no further than Maison Modulare. Nothing says facemask fashion like a 3 ply French lace mask. That’s right. You can even opt for a more fashionable (as well as expensive) facemask made from lace. Don’t worry about size, because one size fits all with this pricey accessory. Should the mask be too loose on you, all you have to do to fix it, is tighten the elastic behind. Maison Modulare make this product out of Geo Lace with 100% organic cotton lining. You can get yours for $60.


Grisel Lopez, the Puerto Rican, nonbinary designer behind Brooklyn-based brand Possessed, takes Corona Couture up a notch. That’s right, the fetishware line is not left out of the production of high range facemasks. They’re breaking the status quo, and going all out with their design. Possessed is producing neon-colored PVC masks. So you can now make a bold statement with your sanitizable neon mask. 

There are many other brands and fashion designers involved in making masks now. You can read more about them in an article by Rachel Sanoff of the guardian.