Designer Face Masks

The Designer Behind The Mask

Brilliant designers around the world have been a significant, creative contribution to the face mask industry. But it is interesting to know what goes on behind the pretty fabrics: the thought processes, the experiences, and the ideas that pushed designers to delve into the art of making face masks. The following are five genius designers whose mask-making ideologies have us in awe.

Helping The Indigenous Population

Woman wearing face mask
Photo by EMME Website

Korina Emmerich is a 34-year-old businesswoman is making face masks in hundreds of designs and patterns. But not only are these masks pretty, they also portray a strong message. With her masks, Korina wants to put forward her fears and concerns regarding big oil companies and the animal kingdom. Even though her masks are not filtered and are thus not suitable as the N95 face masks recommended against the coronavirus, Korina says creating them is her chance to escape the loneliness and frustration that the pandemic has brought. She says that making masks to spread an important message is her way of contributing to the cause while staying at home. 

Designer Collaborations In Tel-Aviv 

Designer Face mask
Photo by BoBo’s Website

When businesses came to a halt as the coronavirus hit Israel, fashion enthusiast Dana Kira, and businessman Alon Levi, both contacted the Israeli fashion brand designer Batel Bar Giora. They had a similar idea: using reusable fabrics and creating handmade face masks. 

Their purpose was to create colourful aesthetically-pleasing masks which would not contribute to landfill waste. Many of Kira’s fellow designers donated left-over fabrics and contributed to the cause. These donations included fun, interesting designs which led to the creation of unique face masks. 

French Freelance Designers Doing Their Part 

Face mask
Photo by Let It Snood Facebook Page

Designers in France may be sitting at home during the pandemic, but they are definitely not sitting idle. Brigitte Thivet is putting her talent and work to use to create homemade cloth masks for those who need them. Even though she has expressly given a disclaimer that the masks are not effective against the Coronavirus, they are still better than nothing. The designer is experimenting with fabrics, layers, and textures to create unique, comfortable face coverings. She wants to spread the message that protective measures, no matter how small, should be taken seriously. She intends to contribute to the cause and encourage others to do the same. 

Michael Costello’s Washable Face Mask Initiative 

Man wearing a face mask
Photo by Michael Costello on Instagram

Previously making fashionable gowns for artists and celebrities, Los Angeles fashion genius Michael Costello extended his efforts to producing 1 million masks for front line fighters against coronavirus. Proper safety measures are being taken in his design facility as he collaborates and works with several others. This way, they are manufacturing hundreds and thousands of reusable face masks on a daily basis. Costello says that he has used all the amazing gowns and fabrics that he created for celebrities and turned them into soft, comfortable cloth masks for people in need. He even encourages all designers and fashion brands to contribute to the cause. 

Face Mask Designers Behind Hedley & Bennett

Designer Mask
Photo by Pille-Riin Priske on Unsplash

Initially making aprons, Hedley and Bennett are a company that manufactures culinary apparel. But as the pandemic became the new normal and people needed face masks, designer Ellen Mary Bennet rose to the occasion and made sure her company contributed to the cause. Not only did she gather vast information on how to make appropriate, effective masks, but she also found out who could use them and how she could reach those people. She used this information to create reusable, 100% cotton face masks that were not only efficient as protection against the virus but also fashionable. Talk about doing your part in an uncertain time! These fashion designers sure know how to.