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High Fashion Design Houses Are Not Taking Enough Action For Producing Masks

During these hard times, the world is in pressing need of protective gear. Now, design houses and fashion brands such as Chanel, Dior, and Zara are quickly rolling out face masks, but there is still a shortage of them in the market. “How is that?” you might wonder. The shortest answer to this would be the difference in the manufacturing material. Face masks for all 32 NFL teams are available in the market. But there is a difference between both covers. When the N95 respirator fits closely, it is designed to block around 95% of microscopic airborne particles. Most face masks by designer brands are not very good with protection. They mainly focus on the fashion part, and that’s about it. 

Design Houses Should Move Beyond Profit

Seeing the times that we are going through and the struggle that the medical face mask manufacturing industries are facing, the fashion industry, too, should try and become a helping hand. They should try to shift their focus a little more towards the protection aspect when designing masks. This will not only help other medical industries, but it will also help overcome the shortage of effective face masks that we are facing these days. Plus, who would not want a fashionable yet efficient face mask? The people shouldn’t have to decide between their safety and looking good. It would be nice to have a designer face mask that is an actual protective gear as well.

An Overlooked Necessity: Medical Gowns

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Medical gowns have now been overlooked for a very long time, not only by the design houses but even by some medical personnel as well. Plain white medical robes are all that’s available in the market. And it has been the same since the very beginning. Fashion industries could start manufacturing medical gowns that are a bit different, a little more unique. That would surely make lots of people in the medical field very happy. This would also give them a whole new side of fashion to work on, medical gowns that don’t look too unprofessional but still don’t look boring either.

The Real Motive Of Design Houses

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Almost no fashion brands were making face masks before the coronavirus became a serious issue. And now, all of a sudden, people are slightly confused as to why all top designer brands are making face masks at a tremendous pace. First of all, industries for luxury items are almost closed for the most part. Manufacturing face masks give them a reason to come to work and keep their companies up and running. Secondly, and probably the most fitting reason is that face masks are in huge demand right now. They make face masks that are probably not protective gear at all, but they carry a pretty hefty price tag and a brand logo. So fashion industries making nonessential stuff are now making face masks so that they keep making a profit and don’t have to shut down during the lockdown.

Being Transparent And Doing More

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The COVID-19 pandemic has proved precisely why transparency is so important in the fashion industry. Design houses are being more transparent and are disclosing more of their social and environmental policies and practices. The more a company is open about its operations, the more people know what they are putting their money on. This makes clients and customers much more comfortable with their spending and purchases. Companies are disclosing where they get their raw materials from, and the list of their first-tier manufacturers. Apart from this, they are also revealing where some amount of their profits go. Most of the disclosed profits are being given to the needy in society or a good cause, which is appreciable.