Woman wearing a face mask

Designer Masks For Any Outfit

Among the many businesses that have been shut down since the start of the COVID 19 epidemic, fashion and design industries have hit a wall as well. However, instead of losing hope and sitting around aimlessly, some brands have started to pivot by making face masks and protective wardrobe items instead. There are plenty of options for masks for any outfit that you can check out.

The following are 5 designer masks in the market that you can wear with any outfit.   

Masks By Joshu + Vela 

Commonly known for producing designer bags, this brand has started making face masks for its customers. They are manufacturing two types of face masks: ones that include filters and ones that do not. These are $30 and $20, respectively. They have an option in black which is an ideal mask for any outfit. The sale profit goes into making masks for healthcare workers. You can find these masks displayed at

Masks By Niamh McCabe

Woman wearing a mask
Photo by NimcakeShop on Etsy

Niamh is making face masks out of linen, cotton, and denim. They are using eco-friendly dyes that are safe for regular use as well as for the environment. Niamh, too, is donating a part of their sales profit to the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre. 

Not only are these masks beautiful and aesthetic, but they are also customizable, so you can create your face mask by choosing your favorite patterns and colors. And if you’re looking for masks for any outfit you wear, you can rely on this brand to deliver. McCabe is making sure that you enjoy wearing your face masks.

Masks By Tres Nomad 

Contributing to the cause, Tres Nomad has created a mask-making arm in the company. They have donated over 12,000 masks by now, according to their website called Masktopia. The company gives a face mask to a healthcare worker for every $15 mask that they sell. Their face covers are made of reusable fabric and allow you to interchange the filters. The website sells chic and practical face masks as well as individual replacement filters for them. They provide guaranteed protection against dust, pollution and allergens on their own, and against the COVID19 with a filter. 

Masks By One Golden Thread

Masks for any outfit
Photo by One Golden Thread Website

One Golden Threat fashions face masks out of antimicrobial, natural material that has a stretchy feel to it. These are unique, interesting face masks that look like oversized bandanas and are highly efficient at providing protection since they fit the face nicely. The double-layered structure offers additional protection. The cover has a hollow pocket inside that you can put a filter in. This brand is donating a face mask to a homeless person in LA for every mask that it sells. Be sure to check these guys out and get your hands on some of their beautiful masks.

Masks For Any Outfit By Tailors’ Keep

Masks for any outfit
Photo by Tailor’s Keep Website

This tailoring team previously made suits and has now shifted to making face masks for its customers. What makes them so special is how unique their masks are in terms of their contour-style and fit. Every mask comes in three sizes: children, medium adult, and large adult. These masks hug the natural contours of the face and fit perfectly to provide maximum protection. The mask consists of a tri-layer structure. One of these layers is responsible for filtration. All proceeds go to Give2SF as well as to pay their employees.