Woman wearing a black face mask

How To Wear A Mask And Make It Look Good

Masks have become an essential clothing item these days. Even though people are mostly working from home and trying to stay indoors as much as possible, every now and then, you need to step out to grab some groceries or do something that makes you leave the house. One of the biggest reasons why people are annoyed by wearing face masks is that they think they look ridiculous wearing it. Today’s post is going to help you fix just that. Down below are various ways you can wear a face mask to make sure you protect yourself and look good too.

Skin Care

Hands holding a cream
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Clear and healthy skin always makes you look good. It is always beneficial to have a regular skincare routine that you follow. But if you are a health worker or you are supposed to be wearing a face mask all the time, you might want to give a little more attention to your skin, a little more than you usually would. Face masks can trap moisture. It is not good for your skin to wear a mask like that all the time. So, apart from regularly washing your mask, add skin exfoliation into your routine. Applying good moisturizers is also a pretty good idea. Try to add some Vitamin C in there as well. It does wonders for your skin.

Keeping Your Eyebrows On Point

Close up of eye brows
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Eyebrows immediately take the attention to your eyes. Nowadays, when half of your face is already covered, the eyes are probably all anyone will be seeing. So it is always good to accentuate your eyebrows. You probably don’t need to go all out on your make up kit. Keep it subtle. Use light brushing. Use short, hair-like strokes to create a natural look and enhance the shape of your eyebrows. For most of the days, an eyebrow pencil, or an angled brush with some powder will be all you are going to need to get the job done. 

The Perfect Hairstyle

Woman wearing a black face mask
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The less you have to show, the better you have to present it. It’s either quantity or quality, right? You cannot wear a mask and carry unaddressed hair with it. Make your face mask one of your greatest accessories by finding a hairstyle that goes well with it. It will probably be different for each person. Some prefer straight hair, some prefer curly, and some like it simple with just a little enhanced texture. It is entirely up to you. 

Match It With Your Outfit

Woman wearing a mask
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One of the best ways to make sure you look put together with the face mask is to match it with the rest of your outfit. This does not mean that you go for a monochrome look, just see what looks best with the colors and style that you are wearing. Obviously, you don’t want to have a collection of 30 plus face masks for every outfit, so by one or two that go with most of the clothes that you own.