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How Often Should You Wash Your Mask?

Just like anything else you use every day, face masks also require particular maintenance. They should be washed, dried, and cared for. But wait, how exactly would you wash your mask? Let’s find out.

How Often Should I Wash My Mask?

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CDC recommends washing your reusable face masks regularly after the end of a long day of use. According to experts, one should not reuse dirty and wet face masks before washing them and making sure they’re clean to put on your face again.

Can I Put My Face Mask In A Dryer?

Once you wash your mask, the safest way to dry it is to either air-dry the cover or throw it in a hot or warm dryer. So, yes, you can put your face mask in a dryer.

Why Is Washing Your Face Mask Important?

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Think about this: your face mask is a barrier between your skin and the contaminants in the air. If these contaminated particles aren’t entering your nose and mouth, where do you think they go? They stick to the mask. These particles include dust, dirt, germs, viruses, bacteria, and everything else you can think of. They slowly build up on the outside of your mask, and this accumulation is terrible for several reasons. One, this build-up makes it harder for you to breathe through the mask. Two, when you wear the mask again, there’s a significant risk of touching the germs on its surface and helping them travel to you. Three, the effectiveness of the mask reduces over time. Purchasing a new face cover every day can be expensive in the long run. Thus, buy reusable versions. Wash your mask and reuse it to save plenty of bucks.

You Don’t Need Hot Water

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You don’t necessarily have to wash your mask in hot water. You can use regular water and mild soap, regardless of the water temperature, and it’ll work just fine in the Coronavirus. Also, hot water can sometimes shrink fabrics and quicken the pace of wear and tear. It is especially true for synthetic fibers, and your mask will become ineffective sooner than it should have. Using cold water is a famous expert recommendation, but room temperature or warm water is more than enough.

Ways To Hand Wash Your Mask

In case you don’t have a washing machine or don’t want to use one, you can simply wash the mask with your hands. Clean and clear out the sink. Pour some room temperature or warm water along with a little bit of detergent or soap. Dip your mask in and swish it around. Once it is completely saturated with soap and water, rinse it off. Squeeze the fabric to make sure all the excess water is gone. Smooth the mask back into its original shape and air-dry it. 

Don’t Forget To Wear Your Mask Properly Too

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Suppose you wash your mask before wearing it again, great! However, also remember to wear it correctly, or there is no use in all this effort. CDC suggests that your mask should cover your nose and mouth without any unnecessary gaps here and there. When you have to take it off, touch the ties or ear loops only, not the mask itself. Wash your hands immediately after you take it off. If you have a filter inside the face cover, remove it and throw it out first.