Woman wearing face mask

Fashionable Vs. Functional – Can We Have Both?

Face masks have become a permanent item in everybody’s wardrobe.  And since face masks are here to stay for a long while, people are starting to wonder whether face masks can be both functional and fashionable. The good news is, it’s already happening. Several fashion brands are pivoting towards making elegantly designed masks to go along with every outfit. Not only is this a fun activity and a good way for businesses to stay relevant, but it is also an innovative tactic to convince people to wear these stylish face masks more often. 

The Human Desire To Express

Man wearing a mask - Fashionable vs. Functional
Photo by Alexander Droeger on Pixabay

Humans are inherently expressive creatures.  We express our ideas, personalities, and perspectives all the time. This is how we communicate. And art is a great medium to express ourselves in creative ways. From the things we say, to how we talk and what we wear, our outfits and ways in which we hold ourselves are all ways of expressing our unique selves. Face masks are just another unexplored avenue in that regard. Soon, these items will become a permanent part of our wardrobe. And fashion brands know that. By offering people with a fashionable and functional face mask, they’ll automatically encourage people to wear them more often.

From Industrial To The Very Elegant

Man wearing a mask - Fashionable vs. Functional
Photo by Lukasz_gl on Pixabay

This is probably where the whole fashionable vs. functional argument begins. While professionals demand that the masks be functional as per the need of the hour, people never stick to the industrial stuff for longer than a specific period. Initially, textile and fashion designers all geared up to produce a large variety of functional face masks. However, more recently, we’re starting to see a shift with more elegant options becoming available rather than just the typical face covers we have become used to. It’s only natural for fashion brands to adjust to the varying needs of the public. And by designing face masks that are both fashionable and functional, they can ensure that they deliver what the market demands.

A Future With A Wardrobe Of Masks

Photo by Teena Cobb on PIxabay

Before the COVID-19 had begun, people with minor dust allergies used to wear masks. Without debating about the whole fashionable vs. functional issue. But in this current situation, people need more than just an industrial-looking face mask. A non-functional cover can cause irreparable damage, and typical face masks have become too dull.

Since clothing brands and industries have now launched functional yet attractive masks, it has become easier to style masks according to one’s outfit and requirements. Moreover, the design does not compromise on breathability or comfort.

With this variety of masks available, even those who never liked wearing masks are now wearing them. Because it has become a necessity. Hence, this variety is not only for the fashion freaks, but it is also motivating for a majority of people who were not interested in wearing face coverings before. As more and more brands design face masks with this philosophy in mind, the fashionable vs. functional debate will die out of its own accord.