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Are You Using Your Face Mask Correctly?

Ask yourself, are you wearing your face mask correctly? Simply wearing a mask is not enough. You need to make sure you are doing it right. You might have seen a lot of people in the supermarket with their facemasks resting under their chins. Moreover, there are others who simply ignore all instructions and continue to touch their faces. They don’t realize that if you are going to touch your face, your face covering automatically becomes utterly useless. But educating each other is the only way to raise awareness on how to wear a mask correctly. In this post, we go over some of the basics of how you can use your face mask correctly and make sure you are getting the maximum amount of protection while out there in the open. 

Wash Your Hands Before Putting The Mask On

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This is a step that a lot of people simply tend to overlook. According to the guidelines by CDC, it is mandatory for you to wash and sanitize your hands before you put your face mask on. Don’t touch the mask without making sure your hands are clean. You don’t want whatever’s on your hands to get in direct contact with your face. That will simply defeat the purpose of the mask. 

Inspect Mask For Tears & Holes

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Whether you are using a DIY face mask or a proper KN95, make sure you check the mask for any damages before you put your face mask on. Any tears and holes in the mask would make the mask inefficient. Be sure to check your mask and ensure that it is in good shape before you put your face mask on and head out. 

Ensure There Are No Gaps Before You Put Your Face Mask On

Woman wearing a face mask
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Your mask should fit your face snugly. There should be no gaps between your face and the mask that you are wearing. If you are designing a DIY face covering, make sure you take the right measurements and install the loops properly so that the mask is a tight fit as opposed to a loose one. 

Don’t Pull The Mask Down To Your Chin 

A common instinct is to pull your mask down to your chin to eat or to drink and then pull it back up. That is strictly advised against. By pulling the mask back up again over your mouth, you basically drag whatever’s on your underneath your chin directly next to your mouth. Make sure you don’t rest your mask on your chin while out in the public. The best practice is to wear a mask while at home and take it off once you get back from running your errands. Avoid taking your mask off at all costs while out in public. Even when it might feel like the risks of catching the virus might be low. 

Use Ties & Loops To Take The Mask Off

Woman wearing putting face mask on
Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

Once you’re back home, be sure to take the mask off by using the ties and loops around your ears. Gently pull them and get your mask off of your face. Do not pull your mask off from the front. Moreover, do not touch your eyes, mouth, or other exposed areas on your face right after you take your mask off. Follow the same protocol and wash your hands before you touch anything else in the house. 

Change Your Mask If It Becomes Damp

A lot of people are uncertain regarding how often they should change their masks. The general advice given by WHO is to change your mask if you feel like it is becoming damp. Those of you who use disposable masks, make sure you do not use that same mask again. Throw away disposable masks and replace them with a new one. They’re disposable for a reason, after all.