facemask mandatory sign board

DesignerMasks Will Become Universal

Once associated with just surgical practices in operation theatres, the facemask has become a universal symbol. It is practically an item of clothing for the entire world. Public use of facemasks is mandatory is several jurisdictions. The notion whether masks will become universal is debatable. Read on below to get the most popular opinions out there on the issue.

facemask mandatory sign board
Photo by Liza Pooor on Unsplash

The Mask-Free-Dumb Fighters

Pun intended. WHO recommends that the use of facemasks in most counties is the only thing accounting for the lack of an all-out death spell. Even with rapid vaccinations all over the globe, the organization still recommends that masks should be worn in public places. This is to prevent asymptomatic carriers from spreading the virus. However, anti-vaxxers and mask-hating people alike have rallied up to fight against the impending mandate. They argue that it is unlawful for any state to impose regulations on its people to wear something.

The Rational Argument

Even if we assume that the rapid vaccination drives happening all over the world somehow end the pandemic within the year, it is still likely that masks will become universal. After the end of the Spanish Flu, it took quite a while before people started throwing away protective measures to ensure their safety. Considering the digitally connected world of today, it’s likely that wearing facemasks will become a universal trend.

It makes sense because even if the spread of the coronavirus is contained and minimized, there are several other respiratory diseases that take more lives such as those caused by influenza virus and the seasonal flu. Although uncommon, tuberculosis still surfaces in the underdeveloped world and poses serious threat to those around the infected. Hence, mask wearing might still rage on after the pandemic – at least in public places.

Crossing All Social Barriers

When it comes to health, wealth and statuses do not matter. You could be wealthy enough to afford personal respiratory ventilators, but still succumb to the disease in a matter of days. The same is true if you don’t have the means. Prevention, you see, is always better than the cure.

The argument that masks will become universal holds a lot of merit. Since it’s necessary that human health be put first and foremost, it is likely that most institutions (at least private ones) will make it mandatory for people to wear masks if they wish to avail their services.

Final Thoughts

The COVID-19 pandemic is NOT over folks. For your own protection and of those around you, it is very important to limit going out and to wear protective facemasks whenever you venture out. If you are unsure if you’re wearing your facemask correctly, read this article to learn more.