Woman wearing a cold weather mask

The Best Cold Weather Face Masks

With winter right across the corner, face masks are going to become even more popular. Winters usually see a dramatic rise in face mask usage with cold weather face masks becoming an absolute necessity against cold winds, snow, and sleet. Cold weather face masks do not only act as a shield against cold winds but also offer considerable protection against the winter sun and the UV radiation that can be seriously harmful to your skin. Let’s take a look at some of the best designed cold weather face masks that you can purchase online to prep for the upcoming cold. 

1. Balaclava Face Mask

Man wearing cold weather face mask
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Winter face masks feature a very different design than what you are commonly used to seeing. This particular mask is made out of 100% polyester and features an elastic fit so that it can easily cover your face and neck. You’ll get maximum protection against aerosol, cold, UV radiation, etc. when wearing this mask. Another great advantage of this mask is that it can easily fit under a helmet. So, if you are using a bike out in the cold, this mask will make sure you stay warm and protected. 

2. ZANheadgear Unisex Face Mask

Cold weather face mask
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This cold weather face mask is made out of a combination of 70% Neoprene and 30% Polyester. Do note that this face mask features air vents around the mouth and nose region to help improve breathability and prevent fogginess, this might no longer be a convenient option given the pandemic situation. However, the mask itself is effective against cold winds and chilly weather. The design ensures that your ears, nose, and mouth are all properly covered and protected. 

3. RIGWARL Thermal Balaclava Face Mask

Face mask for winters
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Ideal for those who frequently ride on the bike, this face mask is wind-proof and rain-proof. Whether it’s dust, cold, or the harsh environment in general, this masks high-tech polyester fibers will keep you protected regardless. Moreover, the lightweight and breathable design make this face mask excellent for winters because it prevents dampness and fog from development. Additionally, it features seamless stitching which gives this cold weather face mask a sturdy feel. 

4. Winter Face Mask Neck Gaiter With Ear Loops

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This face mask comes with an ear loop to facilitate you as you wear it. The mask features soft polar fleece which is effective against dust and cold winds. Moreover, it is soft and warm to the touch and keeps your neck and face snug. The earloops ensure that the mask doesn’t come off while you are on the move. Additionally, the long neck-protection is an added bonus to the overall design as it keeps you warm and protected against direct exposure to the cold winds. 

5. TT Zone Winter Face Mask

Woman wearing a cold weather face mask
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Offering a super tight fit, this winter face mask comes in two different colors: black and dark black. It features a soft fleece design and offers warmth and comfort besides superior protection. Your nose, ears and mouth are perfectly covered, offering you maximum protection against the cold, wind and harsh external environment. 

Regardless of which mask you end up choosing, a winter mask can be very practical for everyday use, and investing in one can save you a whole lot of hassle later on. Stay warm, stay safe, and stay protected this winter!