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Pros And Cons Of Masks That Tie Vs. Masks With Elastic Bands Around Ears

Thanks to the creative individuals in the mask designing industry, we’ve got several different types of face masks to try. Tie masks and masks with elastic bands are two of the most popular ones, and both masks have their separate sets of pros and cons. Check out this side-by-side comparison to decide which one would suit you best.

Pros Of Using Tie Masks

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  • Adjustable

Tie masks offer the convenience of adjustability. You can tie the strings based on your size, tighten them, and loosen them as you please. People who wear scarves, hair buns, and ponytails will especially find this feature beneficial.  

  • Comfortable

These masks are also very comfortable since you can adjust them according to your face. Since the tie masks can be tightened and loosened, it’s rare to find one that uncomfortable. Thanks to this feature, you can wear the mask comfortably for more extended periods. 

Cons Of Using Tie Masks

  • Short-lived

Tie masks usually have fabric strings that become weak and wear off after repeatedly tying and untying them. Hence, they’re not as long-lasting as you’d like them to be. No matter how good the material is, it’ll still wear off, considering that you have to meddle with the strings every time you wear the mask. 

  • Time-consuming

Because you have to tie the strings behind your head every time, tie masks are a bit time-consuming. They consume time and effort, especially in the first few days and weeks. Since you’re not used to this activity, it’ll take some time for you to master this art. However, in cases of urgency, this feature can be a significant drawback. Not all of us have the time to tie and untie strings, again and again, right? 

Pros Of Using A Mask With Elastics

Tie masks
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  • Fast and Easy

Masks with elastic bands are very easy to wear and take off. Since they’re elastic bands, they don’t require a lot of time and effort. This particular benefit is significant when you need to wear the mask quickly in urgent scenarios.

  • Long-lasting 

Since you’re not meddling with the strings a lot, masks with elastic bands are generally more long-lasting. Don’t pull at the strings too hard, and they’ll work just fine!

Cons Of Using A Mask With Elastics

  • Uncomfortable

Due to the thin elastic strings tugging at your ear all the time, masks with elastic bands can be quite uncomfortable to wear for more extended periods. It is especially true if the mask isn’t the right size and is too small for you. The more tension in the string, the more it’ll pull at your ears, and the more painful it will be. Excessive hours of wearing these masks can also cause irritation, allergies, and inflammation at the back of your ears. 

  • One-size-fits-all

Masks with elastic bands don’t come in various lengths and sizes. They usually have the same measurements of strings, so there’s not much adjustability in the mask.