struggling to smile while wearing a facemask

How Smizing Can Help You While Wearing Facemasks

Back in 2009, when the world was still mask-less, Tyra Banks coined up a new term. Smizing. This neologism was first presented on the American TV show “America’s Next Top Model”. It means smiling with your eyes. Get the picture?

Smizing involves bringing life and radiance to your eyes to express smiling and interest. Don’t get it wrong because it’s not like smiling!

Photo by Jessica Rockowitz on Unsplash

Smizing From The Legend Herself

In a recent interview Banks said “The safety mask has truly transformed smizing… It is less about penetrating the camera lens with intensity and strength than it is about saying things like “How can I help you?” or “You can go first.”

As a musician she’s famous for keeping her face neutral while expressing her style and classiness in other ways. Smizing is also like the Duchenne Smile, the facial expression that relays happiness.

How Does One Smize

Tyra Banks recommends thinking of someone you love; someone who fills your heat with love and joy. Imagine them standing right in front of you. Start to smile. Not with just your mouth but with your entire soul. Even if the mask covers more than half your face, the person watching will be able to feel the radiant nature of your being when you smize genuinely.

Relax And Loosen Your Self

By doing this you will naturally feel happier. If you’re happier it’ll be easier for you to convey feelings of genuine interest – with or without a mask.

Pick A Focal Point

We all have good sides and bad sides – literally and figuratively. By choosing a point of focus you can direct your smize with confidence.

Just Smile

Giving off a genuine smile will do wonders for your smize and your personality. It’ll radiate your personality and give the impression of confidence and purity.

How Smizing Can Help

Ever since the coronavirus pandemic, people have become distant for their own good. Even after lockdowns, the world still doesn’t seem normal. You go out, you don’t see faces. You see masks. Humans are social animals and not communicating with each other openly and freely has created a lot of social problems.

Even with your mask on, smizing can wonders. It can help you socialize and make new connections that can assist you in relieving some of the stress away caused by the pandemic. It can even help you date.

Smize, Don’t Sneeze

Tyra Banks came up with smizing almost 11 years before the pandemic. Who knew it would become one of the most important facial expressions after all these years. When you’re wearing one of our designer masks in public, keep our advise in mind.

Our advice? Smize, don’t sneeze!